Monday, January 4, 2010

What Drives Me Nuts: Late Web Content

~Wanna know what drives me nuts?
When websites go dormant for months at a time with no updates, and whoever's in charge doesn't make a news post like "Going on Hiatus" or "Taking a break" or even a "Go the hell away." At least if a news section or feed to kept updated you know the sites not dead, but when it's left hanging for months and months and months with no changes, I would imagine you would tend to lose your traffic awfully fast.
For instance, some sites, I only check about once a year. Like Truenuff and D-Pad, but I don't hold my breath that the internet fairies made them update their site at gunpoint.

Man, I'm having flashbacks...A lot of sites have stopped updating around the time of the end of the summer of 2009...which is amazingly similar to the way all Play-By-Post anime RPG's went dead in the mid of 2003. Chilling. Sort of.

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