Friday, January 22, 2010

a truly ardulent situation

I like to think that I can be open with almost all of my personal flaws. And like many, one of those flaws is the inability to resist the sirens call of paid digital content. I'll admit I've spent at least more than 50$ on Gaia Online's "Cash Shop" with which to pimp out my avatar. And even XBOX Live tries to yank a few micro-transactions out of people with the little 3d avatars. That's when I started getting wise to it, when it cost around 5$ to have my little dude swing a lightsaber around.
Then, as the obsessive over-thinker that I am, I took a look at all the other plaes where people were obviously wasting real money on digital ventures...Buying gold for World of Warcraft was perhaps the first...People shelling out nearly a hundred bucks for a couple thousand gold, something that was probably going to be gone in a second anyway as soon as you got it.
Even Facebook's Playfish games have Fish Cash or something or other. A Facebook game.
Okay, granted, I can see the logic. These guys have to make money off these websites somehow. And on occasion it's probably good to support them. But the logic is dual sided...
On one hand, why spend money on something that means so very little?
Then again, it is supporting my favorite website.

Oooh, shinies.

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