Saturday, January 16, 2010

Divinity 2: Corrupted Saves

During the first half hour of Divinity 2, I couldn't help but marvel at the unpolished graphics and rather choppy animations. It threw me back tot he time I tried giving Two Worlds an honest chance. Then a few hours later and a couple of quests under my belt, I realized that Divinity 2 is a practice of Game Design outshining graphics.

You also get a rather humorous "Old Man Voice" reading descriptors when no one's talking. "You find a journal of Farmer Carl. It's mostly boring recounts of daily life, with absolutely nothing of interest...And the worst handwriting you've ever seen."

Of the good things in this game so far, interacting with NPC's and whatnot feels a lot like Dragon Age.
Of the bad things, the power creep is a mother fucker. If you are not of a substantial level, you will get your ass creamed all over the place until you manage to pull off a few kills while abusing the ye olde Health Potion bottle. Dying so many times also introduced me to a glitch in the saving mechanics in which if you save in one spot, and then another, after a while you will load from regardless of save, to the least recent SPOT, but with the most recent save data. I've found I could combat this by methodically deleting my back-up saves and primary saves on occassion and making fresh backup and primary saves every few saves.

It is definately a game that's holding my interest, despite it's flaws and unpolished look. I'll give a miore thurough review when I get some more under my belt.

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