Thursday, January 14, 2010


I tend to lose sleep when I start taking interest in things. The newest thing to pique my interest this time around is Doctor Who. I've had the theme music ringing in my ears since I woke up, and I'm eagerly right now seeking a means of cleansing my audio pallete.

--Doctor Who robbing me of blissful sleep aside, I've been getting into a lot of discussions about Twitter, notably with people who don't use Twitter and don't really see it's purpose. And that's understandable. It's a very silly thing. It's like texting on a global scale, and everyone's in on the conversation.
Of the people I follow on Twitter, I'm most fond of reading the tweets of the Ghost Advetentures crew and Marvel Comic's Stan Lee. Zak bagans and Aaron Goodwin tend to post up funny pictures or situations they've stumbled in on, while Stan Lee tends to twitter-bomb about nonsense, which is what I do if you ever gander a look at my Twitter page...which can be found @Doctorscraps.
Now, some people, and I'm looking in the direction of the cast members of the Geek Show Podcast, don't like it when comic industry people abuse Twitter and twit nonsense. I personally like it. If all they twitted in the comic book industry was work related to them, it would be stale and boring.
Then again, when have I ever agreed with anything those schmucks over at Geek Show ever said? I tend to get pissed off at them at least three times a podcast.

--That's it for me now, gotta run off for another day tinkering with machines and getting them to perform functions.

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