Thursday, July 2, 2009

Red Ring Day

Both XBOX 360's at the apartment are currently in Red Ring status. I expected mine, a first generation model, to have gone nova a long long time ago. My brothers was something of a mystery, as he doesn't have a "True" Red Ring, only a system failure that the people at Microsoft told him a delivery sent to their factory would fix.

Luckily, my brother knows a dude. I think everyone should know a dude. He's a dude that's good with tools, if you know what I mean, and offered to get mine back online for a mere $30 bucks, with a few modifications of his own. While Jakes console is getting the free spa treatment on Microsofts tab, mine is getting the Orange County Choppers treatment. That's the kind of dude you need to know.

I suppose I could catch up on some PS2 games while I'm waiting...

1 comment:

  1. if its a red ring...MICROSOFT WILL FIX IT FOR FREE!!!!!!!!