Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obligatory Celebrity Death post?

As the perpetual genius and warrior poet that I am, I often cancel out the rest of the world in my persuits and activities. If I have the TV on, rest assured, very rarely is it ever the news. It's normally mundane things like Food Network or Travel Channel merely for the background noise while I tinker away because I find the sounds of silence deafening. Since that is the case, I often am rather late to the party where certain current events--
--No I already know about the celebrity deaths...MSN's frontpage had that plastered all over the place the moment it all went down.
I mainly stopped paying attention to the knews BECAUSE of all the celebrity shenanigans in lew of actual news-news. Are Jon and Kate still a thing? If so, I may have to hide under the rock a bit longer.

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