Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fuck you Evony

So everywhere I look these days, I see ads for this game for Evony. You can't miss them, the banners with the big-breasted medieval chick and the word "Evony" in big obnoxious gold letters. I managed to log in and play this game...once.
Evony has this wonderful flaw on it's page-- There's no Login screen. None. Go have a look, all you'll find is a page telling you that you should probably bookmark your server page. Guess whoever was in charge of webpage design for them cashed out early and they just never bothered to change it.

And it's not like the game is even that fascinating. Take the construction method of Age of Empires compiled with all the intricacies of a MySpace app like Vampire Wars or whatever, and you have a pretty good idea how Evony works. In the hour I was playing it, I never encountered any big booged women like the ad seemed to promise.
And it's everywhere! It's like seeing billboards promoting piles of shit all over your town. Someone paid the city to put billboards of a pile of shit all over the place.

So, from all of us here at the Fractured Tranmissions headquarters..
FUCK YOU, Evony! You promised boobs, and you LIED.


  1. Dont put words in Mine and Jades mouth just cu your a perv and play games souly fer want boobage play lesirue suit larry n the guy game arte ANY of the DOA games

  2. You're missing the point, Jo-- Project 14 has been COMPROMISED by these hacks!