Thursday, July 30, 2009

Payment in liquid form

So, after a conversation with Myspace buddy/Webcomic Diva Ami-Chan, I have been able to secure payment for the portrait that she never inquired payment for-- This payment will be in liquid form, possible with an alcohol content, imbibed at the next convention in Arizona that she graces our presence with.
In fact, I would love it for me to make it a tradition at cons in which during one night at the hotel, to imbibe in sophisticated drink with well-aged and sophisticated folk as myself, waxxing poetic into the night until the alcohol blurs lines. Though I'm awfully shady about hotel rules about smuggling in booze...I don't think they mind, as long as the furniture remains in the same condition we first entered the room in, and that no one under 21 imbibes.

...Hm. I really like that word, Imbibe.

I'm in the market for a really good generic RPG system, something that can be adapted to a world of settings. I may invest in a copy of GURPS just for the occassion, although the current gaming group has fallen into hiatus. Now that I have some of my mojo back, an extreme lack of players is pretty much all that keeps me applying the craft.

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