Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pokemon: This time with more trumpets

So yesterday I found my old copy of Pokemon Ruby and decided to take it a spin on the old save on there while paying homage to the toilet spirits...and I think I know why I stopped playing these games-- the music is godawful. Reflecting back, the Pokemon series is not widely known for it's musical score. I sat there, trying to discern what instrument I was hearing, and I think it's mostly trumpet, with some flute or other wind instrument.
I also ran into the dilemma a lot of gamers run into when they've put an RPG away for a long while-- We tend to forget where we are, what we were doing, and from what direction we came into this area from. We even forget the controls a little. It can not bode well for the world when the hero trying to save it develops Alzheimers.

Chapter 7 of Requiem After got put up yesterday over at Felt a lot more confident with this chapter than the previous. Though I did revise the last segments of Chapter 6 to fit in with the change in plot.

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