Friday, August 14, 2009

New Name, New Amibtions, New Adventures

This blog---I should use it's power to save mankind.


So as you may have noticed, I've tweaked the name of the blog---Now no longer Fractured Transmission- The Blog, like some cheap Summer Blockbuster, it is now Project 14, the FT Blog. And we're all a part of Project 14, whether you want it or not.

District 9 comes out today-- and I am not going to go see it. I'm sure Peter Jackson did a good job on it. I'm sure it'll be a good movie. I just don't care to see movies that depict humanity treating aliens who're trapped on our planet like prisoners. I already have a vast dislike for my species as is, so I don't need more reason. I can't enjoy films like that.
With that said, I still have reservations against the G.I. Joe movie. An action film based on a line of toys and cartoons from the 70's and 80's. Sitting through the previews to watch Year One (really funny, btw), they showed the trailer mainly featuring a couple of Joe's running around what I think is France in these power suits that make you run and jump and Superman. It all seemed extremely...childish. I shouldn't be surprised. I wasn't that big into G.I. Joe growing up. I was more into Ghostbusters, He-Man, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I also recall being a fan of the short-run New Adventures of Peter Pan, back when it was hip to run a New Adventures Of spinnof of something popular Disney had done.
Aladdin- The Series, for instance. Ran for a good couple of years. The Adventures of Tarzan. The Little Mermaid had a very short lived series back when I was a wee tyke, same with Fieval. Boy, that makes me feel old. Fieval was the story about this Russian family of mice who immigrate to America, and later move out to the wild west during the 1800's. Few recall the original, and the sequel spawned a short run cartoon on saturday mornings.

Our new rat Roz is finally getting comfortable around us enough to take food from our hands now. With me, at least. Still as jittery as all hell when it comes to loud noises and sudden movements. Doesn't just grab with her teeht like Ursula did, she takes with her hands.

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