Monday, July 13, 2009


I normally don't recall a lot of the dreams I have at night-- But I can usually be assured I will somehow engage in a strange adventure of Scooby Doo like proportions, often alongside friends, family, and whatever cartoon characters I happen to be obsessing my little geek head over at the time in question.
Last night was no different...I recall very little but one single fact-- I counted the time that passed in the dream. During the nights adventure, I became a clock watcher, see it go from 1am to 5am over the course of it...
Then, I woke up to Jake and his friend Luis arrive to deliver my refurbished XBOX--which now sported an Intercooler, a brand new CPU, and the ability to play pirated games. Unnecessary, but I was thankful to have C.C. back (Why the name C.C.? Because it's white and flashes green).
Remember when I said I had counted the hours in my dream?
It's was 12:45...two hours after I went to bed.
I laid there a bit...wondering...
Which one of these situations was the dream?

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