Friday, July 24, 2009

Cashing in on Lateness?

I often get to wondering whether or not me and the gang should look to capitalize on our ability to constantly be late to the party with news and events. I think there's some real novelty to it. I tend to get involved in anime series's that've long since ended, or are close to ending, we tend to dig up old news from the gaming industry and geek world in general...There's gotta be a way to make that work for us.

Chapter 6 of Requiem After is perhaps the longest, if not most frustrating bit of fanfiction I have ever written. Action scenes and battle are not my forte, but I pray for some sort of inspiration to make it come to life. I'm really enjoying the support from the comments and reviews.

Oh, hey, lookit that- Watchmen's finally out on DVD. May actually get to watch it.

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