Friday, June 12, 2009

Scrapsless Weekend

Due to the cable at the apartment going out, I'm going to be without an internet connection unless the situation resolves itself before Monday, which is the fastest a repairman will be able to visit the lair. The internet went out about 11 yesterday morning, and the cable itself went out about 9:30pm. According to the person over at the cable company, their system is showing us as not disconnected, so the problem may be electrical. And it appears we're the only apartment having this issue, which we've been having on and off since we've moved into the apartment.However, I got a twitter set up so I can still bitch and moan. Assuming that works. Technology and I really haven't gotten along well since the divorce.

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  1. ummm sum of these have NOTHING to do with the podcast....the manga rants n game rants are good but who cares if your hot n sweaty??? it is NOT a nice image!!!! -shoves pen in eyes-