Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Don't wanna be a couch potato- playing Rock Band every day!

Been a real couch potato as of lately. Not a good thing. There's a great deal that I could be doing when I get off work-- Doing some sketchwork, working on material for a tabletop game, maybe do some actual fucking schoolwork, perhaps? Those are all very novel ideas, but I usually wind up plunking myself in front of the tv or the computer and waste time.

Tabletop-Wise, I've been busy constructing my own bastard-child born section of the Drow Underdark for our Star Wars/DnD crossover, and we've entered a part in the story in which the players are trying to stop the separatist invasion of the Underdark--This pretty much all means I have to actually learn a thing or two about Drow, a race I've come to have actually very little love of, and if I play this true to the material, liberating these onyx-skinned asshats from Battle Droids isn't going to be very easy. And believe me, I'll know if I commit a shenanigan, since Jo apparently sleeps with the damn 3.5 Drow reference manual every night.

Outside of that, Laundry. A good month of having not put anything in their proper drawers has turned mine and my brother bedroom into a sort of natural mountainous region, making it the least occupied room in the apartment. Last night while he was laying face-first in a pile of clean-yet-wrinkled shirts after a long day at work, we both agreed that starting tonight we'd start actually fucking picking up after outselves.

In closing, the title of today post was a lyric from Jimmy Buffets "Volcano" that was released for Rock Band 1.

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