Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 is definately a game that I both like and hate- I love the settup and the looks, but I hate the execution. The game feels like I should be attempting stealth and evasion with everything I'm doing, from finding alternate "safe routes" to objectives, to trying to sneak my way to an objective in the middle of a hot zone with no real stealth mechanic like in Splinter Cell games. I get the idea that the game tries to create a very realistic game world, but at times it feels a little too real. Not to mention, you can never frickin' tell where the gunshots are coming from until you've taken a view to gauge the direction of enemy fire. And actually seeing your enemies is a trick- they blend right into the foilage.

It's almost the same reason I couldn't get into the first Far Cry- I'm surrounded by goons who are ten times more equiped than I am, and will light me up like time square. Like a golf game, I tend to react in games like this like I would in real life- Hide, and strike from cover. Doesn't always work.

Bottom line- Not a bad game, but I just can't get ahead of it.

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