Thursday, March 19, 2009

Memoirs of a Podcast Fanatic

When people see me, there's an 80% chance that I will have my earbuds in, listening a podcast of some sort. I normally load up my iPod with podcast subscriptions so I always have a welcome stream of something to listen to when I'm working (when applicable), driving, or running errands. Drives Jo to no end when we're driving somewhere. It's a good 45 minutes to Phoenix from the town we live in and she always gets stuck listening to RPPR or Order 66, maybe the occasional CAGcast or Sarcastic Gamer.
The chief reason for always being plugged in is in part of a resolution to stop being negative, and part of that process is interrupting any negative thoughts that may occur to me by distracting my attention away from such thinking.
It mainly began back when I was shoveling and running pizzas for Dominos. On really slow days there was really nothing to grab your attention, so I managed to get away with smuggeling in my mp3 player (A ZEN player...loved that thing), with it tucked into my shirt with only the earbud visible. Bosses didn't mind, most customers thought I was wired for bluetooth. I listened to a lot of comedy/stand-up. Dance Cook...Dimitri Marten...George Carlin...Robin Williams...Dave Chapelle. It was good stuff. Eventually though, other employees started bringing in iPods and it started causing problems, so from then on I could only use my player in the car during deliveries.

After a while though, it wasn't so much that I liked listening to the same handful of comedy bits over and over, it was just the fact that I preferred having someone elses voice ratteling around inside my head rather than put up with my own negative monologues. Around this point I started getting into Radio talk shows when they turned a popular local alternative rock station into a talk station. The morning guys were funny, but the evening and nights guys were horrendous. Tom Lycus (douchebag) and some other guy who did bad attempts at radio skit comedy. Hell I even enjoyed listening to broadcasted hockey games. Pretty much I saught out any reason not to think about my dead-end job.

So it was only natural that I drift towards podcasts when I got my hands on my first iPod Nano (which I still use). A half-hour lunch break when I was breaking my back for a big name movie theater became Podcast time, my little half hour of not having to think about work or anything. And so it goes and so it goes. Podcasts don't quite outnumber my music playlist on this little black wonder, since they tend to refresh to ditch the old ones after a while.

So if you ever bump into me, and I seem a little zoned out and appear to not be paying attention to anything you're saying, relax. Cheapy-D said something funny and Wombat's being an ass again.

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