Monday, March 23, 2009

Turkish Food Rocks

Saturday, after spending the day at the Renaissance Fair, we took dinner at a place called Efe's, which I have been informed is the only Turkish Cuisine establishment here in Arizona. I was a bit concerned about how the food and I were going to get along. Especially after Jade's husband (who IS Turkish), introduced me to a drink designed for those who've been out in the sun all day- which would be all of us. The taste was akin to someone mixing a dallop of sour cream in water and adding a pinch of salt.
When the food finally arrived, all concerns vanished. The menu only described the meat on my plate as simply "meat" roasted with garlic. A beti kabab it said. Served along with seasoned rice, a fire-roasted tomato, and delicious little pita breads for folding. My mind was thuroughly blown, and was the first to clear their plate. Which was a bit akward, with everyone conversing, and there I am just wolfing this stuff down. Jade offered me a bite of her dish, of which she was extremely proud of, which seemed like chicken and beef with a kind of nutmeg sauce and cabbage.

Around this time in the evening I learned my brother just finished with a visit to Urgent Care back home. He'd developed a heavy fever along with a real bad Canker Sore on the roof of his mouth. The fevers been kicking his ass royally, so I've been doing my best to baby him back to health. It's been frustrating for him, since he simply cannot eat without his canker sore emitting some serious throbbing pain.

I go back to classes today. Yay.

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