Friday, March 20, 2009

Why Scraps hates Dark Elves

Drow-- A race of cavern dwelling Elven offshoots. They live in a matriarchal society ruled over by priestesses in the service of a Drow-Spider amalgon named Lolth who will kill your ass for breaking any tenant of Drow society. Women are the strong, men are the support, and the less a Drow Woman wears, the prouder they are. They are evil for evils sake, enslaving other evil races just for kicks. Do a DeviantArt check on Drow and chances are what returns will be a strange crossover between an R.A. Salvatore novel and Victorias Secret.

I am not fond of this race of snide under-dwellers.

I feel my reasons for not liking Drow are simple...The average image of a Drow is Jessica Rabbit with dark skin and white hair who will eviscerate you with but a glance. They were created as a race by fantasy writers as a foil for masochistic players to sweat and drool over the fantasy of a dominating Elf-Chick. You can look, but no touchie. They represent the hot chicks that a Gamer could never get anywhere with away from the gaming table. The ones who would turn their noses up at you in High School at your futile attempts at courtship. The Mean Girls who's existance revolves around personal gain and the belitteling of others. If DnD was a High School drama on the Disney Channel, the head Chearleader and her little cronies would be Drow.

You can love them or hate. Me, personally, I could just plain do without them.

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