Friday, February 27, 2009

Sudden Suikoden Love

==Warning, the following blog post contains instances of Doctor Scraps unintentionally getting in touch with his inner fanboy==

Yeah, it's probably high time we got another Podcast done and away, assuming we can get together at some point. Jade keeps a very odd schedule that one would assume I would know by now, but it seems to morph, like a sort of gelatinous being, and time that I think she might be free turns out to be a misconception, and then absolutely nothing gets done.

Is PS2 considered old-school yet? Been enjoying myself some old titles. Well...maybe not so old, Persona 3 FES hasn't been out that too terribly long. Chulip, on the other hand, that's probably a good couple of years. And insidiously complicated. And Suikoden V is still sitting down there collecting dust, ever eluding my embrace. It's strange I haven't played the hell out of it yet, considering the Suikoden series has been one of my favorites since the classic Suikoden 1 and 2 way back when on PS1.

The thing about the Suikoden series, is the fact you have team mates quite like poke'mon. There's 108 of them, always. And each game at some point turns into a sort of Medieval Town simulation where you're given control of a settlement of your own devising. Suikoden 4 stepped back from this approach by making the settlement a sort of galleon capable of housing 108 individuals. The fourth installment also gets the award shortest in the series. Heck you see the villain maybe...five times. And the terribly motion-captured animations...

I can't give the third thru fifth installments too much crap, Suikoden 2 was a hard act to follow. And the gripes I had with the 4th game are what keep me from getting my groove on with the fifth game. Gamer fear. Gotta love it.

Ugh, that's enough fanboyism for one night...

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