Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Vicious Thread

I'm a member of the forum community for the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games made by Bethesda, and visit at least twice a day to see if there's anything worthwhile being discussed. More often than not~ That's a big negativo. Often you have people with zero grammar skills posting up stuff that gets locked within five minutes, someone over-analyzing the game altogethor...
Take this post for example, from a fella called "Thecontenderwon" over there on the forums...

"Because of how I play games, I always, always, without fail, manage to find, do, and get myself into situations that no one (And I mean no one) ever seems to have an issue with within normal game play and it's highly annoying. Now what happens to me is real and legit and follows game play perfectly, but somehow I always manage to have certain situations happen to me and then people always ask me how.The answer is because of how I play. Here are 2 major situations I got into with Fallout 3 that pretty much everyone else who played this game never somehow seemed to have a problem with, but yet when you read why it makes 100% perfect sense on how I did. This first situation points out that the location of Rivet City is falsely labeled. Again people won't agree, because no one sees what I see and how I look at things, but I can prove through this description not only is Rivet City's location falsely labeled, but show you how using examples of another area which uses the exact same setup differently.Let me explain:I have had this game for over 3 months and until 2 days ago I had no idea Rivet City was in the Left half of the Aircraft Carrier. The reason why is because Rivet City's location is falsely labeled, the game tells you, you are in Rivet City when in fact you are not.Here is more details, when you discover any location in this game, you get a message on screen stating you are in the area you found. For example you only see the message that you have discovered Megaton if and ONLY IF you actually walk into the town itself, if you never walk inside through the gates, you won't ever see the on screen “You have discovered Megaton Message”. On top of that when you arrive in Megaton upon fast traveling to there, where do you get placed once the game loads? You get placed inside Megaton right in front of the main gate. So you are actually in Megaton Ok so there are 4 factors involved here:1. In order to be able to fast travel to a location you 1st have to have been there, so you have to go on foot or fast travel to a closer location and then go on foot from there.2. You only see the message about the discovered location upon actually entering the area and once you do see that message, then that's where you are.3. Fast traveling to a location places you inside the location itself, not in the vicinity.4. The above 2 things show that the game is programmed to do that for every single location in the game so it wont be doing something different with the same thingNow we all 100% agree on that, because it's how the game is programmed and that's what happens.Ok so now I am going to explain how Rivet City's location is falsely Labeled:You walk towards Rivet City, while your on the ground going towards the destroyed buildings, you get the message that you have discovered Rivet City. So taking that into account you apply everything I just went over above in factors 1-4 and you have the game telling you that you are in Rivet City:No one can say because of how the above 4 factors they already agreed upon, that you are not in Rivet City, because all the factors are very clear and cannot be misunderstood about where the game is telling you, you are.1. You walked and you got it along the ground2. The discovered location message comes across the screen3. I can now fast travel to Rivet City4, Megaton's location is set up like this so you know your in megaton, and just like Megaton, you know you are in Rivet CitySo because of all 4 factors above, you put 2 and 2 together and say the destroyed buildings you see upon getting the Discovered Rivet City Location is obviously without a doubt Rivet City.I have had people try to tell me i am reading into this but I'm not this is base fact on how the game is set up to have you understand the location layouts. Simple.However, from what I understand People keep saying Rivet City is in the left half of the Aircraft carrier. But that's impossible because I have never been on the Aircraft Carrier, so the question is now, if Rivet City is on the Air Craft Carrier, and I have never been on the Aircraft Carrier, then how and why was I getting the message I have discovered Rivet City if I have never been in there?If rivet City is on the aircraft Carrier, then according to how the game is programmed, I never should have seen the On screen "You have discovered Rivet City location, on top of that I sure as hell shouldn't be able to fast travel to it, because I have not discovered it yet, and I have not discovered it yet, because I have never set foot on the aircraft carrier.So this proves without a shadow of a doubt that Rivet City's location is falsely labeled? Again I didn't read into anything, I just simply played the game and took the information the game showed me, and used it according to the information I was given. Nothing more, nothing lessRegardless if you have to push the little button on the pole there to extend the bridge (Which doesn't work in my gave for some odd reason), is not the point, the point is you should not be seeing the you have discovered Rivet City location message unless you actually enter the Aircraft Carrier. Getting that message without even stepping foot on it, is the exact same thing as getting the you have discovered Megaton Message 50 feet after leaving Vault 101.So how anyone thinks that Rivet City is on the Ship even though your being told by the game it's not, is beyond me.I also seriously cannot grasp, how I am the only person out of everyone else that plays this game, that caught this screw up, as well as how no one else thinks that after what i just explained and we all agreed upon how this is not considered a screw up when it's pro ven in plain view.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Next major Issue I have is with the location of the DLC: Operation Anchorage.OK again leave it up to me to fall into an issue that no one else seems to have but is real anyway because of how I play games.I have had the DLC since it's release, and played up until yesterday looking for teh access point to the DLC and never found it and finally last night, I had to be told where it was so that's almost 4 days of having the content and never being able to find it)= until being told last night. Now you will ask how I did not find it after that long when it's only 3 hours or so long.If you played this game the way I did and get yourself into situations no one else manages to do, then it becomes very simple to have happen:1. The radio signal is outside (Not inside) so there would be no cause to go indoors anywhere so again I was using the information the game gave to me2. I was finally told that, you have to go through a tunnel to get to it.OK now here is the problem with that and what happened to meWhen I played this game and started going into underground areas, for some reason I just happened to go into 4 tunnels that never lead anywhere except in a circle meaning the exit is the entrance, so basically you wind up exploring a half hour of a circle, only to go nowhere. So Again just like the discovered location message and how the game sets up every single area to be the exact same way, after 4 tunnels of long exploration and having no other way to go except back out where you came in, then you get a bit tired of going through tunnel, after tunnel, after tunnel for absolutely no reason, or some small amount of XP or some items to sell and that’s it.So I was not aware that there are tunnels in this game that actually lead anywhere, and because I had the same exact thing happen in 4 tunnels, that the information the game was telling me, is that there are no tunnels in this game ever lead anywhere. Because what are the chances that you just happen to manage to hit 4 tunnels that never go anywhere.So I decided that tunnels were useless, and there is no point in ever going through any more unless I just wanted some XP, items, and had about a half hour to kill.So I just somehow managed to get into a situation no one else managed to get themselves into, and it's not something I would think twice about. just like people were under the assumption everyone knows there are tunnels that lead places, I was under the assumption tunnels don't lead anywhere and they are just in the game for some extra items and xp should you want them.So when Bethesda placed the way to get to the DLC through a tunnel, it screwed me, while everyone else had little or no issues and had no problems finding it. Because why would I have any reason to go through a tunnel looking fro a way through if I was already told by the games information because of what I somehow just managed to do, and that tunnels do not go anywhere.So as people can clearly see, even though I am playing the game as normal and not reading into anything and going by the information the game tells you the way you find it, it's very simple to have the stuff that I have had happen, happen.Bethesda and game companies need someone like me on their team for testing games because I always through normal game play managed to do and find the one thing, no one else in existence manages to see and do.I have more things like this that I ran into but this is enough for now.Weird, huh!"

Still alive out there? The thread went on and it got rather volatile and was locked eventually. Probably for the best. Remember kids, there are people in this world who treat the internet as a weapon to be used against you, and if you strike back, you've lost.

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