Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where the deuce is my coffee?

I try very hard to keep this blog as un-wishy washy as possible. I feel that very few blogs, or at least the very successful ones can get away with being introspective. Every so often though something that was intended to be deep rather than informative or funy slips through the cracks. I would like to blame it on writing entries just after 5am.
An upside to waking up that early is, my brain is just addled enough that Facebook games become palleteable. Frontierville is still infuriating that you require the premium currency just to advance. Resturaunt City is trying to lure me in with Transformer-knockoff items. But I am a rock, if not anything. I'm one of those cheapskates who could spend good money on in-game items, but then again, what did I just buy? I just can't do it in good conscience knowing that money was spent on what was literally nothing.

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