Monday, December 6, 2010

Unstoppable, starring Not-Morgan-Freeman

In honor of my turning 26 yesterday, Jo treated me to an afternoon showing of Unstoppable. I wanted to se The Warriors Way, however Jade was quite clear that if me and Jo saw it without her that she would do us great bodily harm.
I'll admit, I wasn't originally taken by the premise- a runaway train barreling out of control and it's up to two men to stop it. Having not read any reviews and maybe all of one trailer, I was apprehensive. I was actually convinced it was a terrorism movie, since obviously if something terrible happens, it has to be terrorists. That's just common sense.
But no...No terrorists. Just outright human stupidity. The Antagonist is an unmanned train carrying highly toxic material that was set on it's corpse by a dumbass trainyard worker who looks like the lovechild of Kevin Smith and Michael Moore, and it's up to Captain Kirk and Denzel "Not Morgan Freeman" Washington to stop it before shit gets real.

It's a buddy movie, out and out, following the usual structure of both men being down on their luck in one fashion or another, and at the start they do not like each other but by the end their so buddy buddy you'd expect them to start kissing.

My reaction being...I liked it. I was not expecting it to be good, and was really expecting a drawn out terrorist attack movie containing a lot of stock footage of trains and tracks. Instead, I got a rather thrilling and "oh shit" inducing experience.

Now, I only refer to Denzel Washington in this movie as "Not Morgan Freeman" because, in this movie, there is very little separating him from a role usually suited for Morgan Freeman. Not that Denzel does a bad job. He does a marvelous job pulling off the close-to-retirement Train Engineer who may or may not be too old for this shit.

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