Monday, December 13, 2010

Gamers need to shut the hell up!

Does there exist a forum community somewhere out there on the internet where Gamers can commune and discuss their hobbies in a civil manner without the forbidden laws of the interwebs taking over and reducing everyone logged in into ranting nutjobs?

I will admit that I am not a part of a lot of online communities, possibly for good reason as my tolerance for people on message boards wears exceptionally paper thin incredibly fast, especially on gaming forums and communities. Double so when an anticipated game is still in the development stages. Oh, heavens, what is it that makes your average Gamer suddenly think he has a pipeline of influence into the makings of games? Called me old fashioned and uncreative, but I firmly believe that it's the Developers job to make the game, and it's my duty to pay them money to play it.
You don't badger an artist over what to put in his painting while he's working, do you? But apparently because we pay these people for our entertainment, normally $50-$60 fresh, we Gamers tend to have this complex in which we feel the Developers "owe us" in some odd way. I can safely tell you, true believers, that Developers owe us nothing.
While Developers may seek out player input from time to time, this does not mean the Developers are going to use us as their focus group and think tank. Developers have their own ideas. They have their own plans. They have their own vision. We gamers need to learn to shut up for a bit and let them express themselves.
I don't care how much money you pay for their work, it's their work. Let the Developers have their fun, and we have ours when they're done. How does that sound?

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  1. I noticed this as well, scrappy-doo. This might be the big generalization of the gamers testing out new games, but there are those of us who test it, and give the developers feedback according to what other games have done, and if it's original, or just a big money maker for the masses. Usually those of us in this group actually have the say about what goes on in the making of the game (if we start out early enough, such as the Alpha, or first beta.) not because we feel the game makers owe us something, but because we want the game to be a success, and be extremely fun for everyone.
    It is frustrating, watching people say, "I WANT MORE MONEY WHEN YOU START OUT!" And, "IT NEEDS MOAR MUDKIPZ!" But whatever, they're the corn shucks, nobody cares about them.