Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Those damn lists

The christmas list. Does your family still make you do them?
It's still common practice in our family. When you're a kid, it's easy to say what you want- toys! Lots and lots of toys. That's what kids like. Nowadays, me drawing ever closer to being twenty five friggin' years old, toys are things I buy with my own money on my own time, because I'm not a kid anymore. People don't need to buy me toys anymore.
Not to mention, living in a one-bedroom apartment with my brother, I've learned to quell the 'wants' in my life to a degree so my spending isn't crippled by unnecessary spending for the time when the 'needs' come around...like groceries, gas, bills, and the occasional auto-checkup.
That said, I was seriously tempted to put down some new pots and pans and some new kitchen table chairs on the list because our cook ware is vanishing for some reason, and our chairs are breaking. Because they are old. And rickety.
So, after listing a few things on this years list that I might actually want, I added a footnote saying "You know what? When you go out gift shopping, get for me something that makes you think of me." Because, really, it's the thought that really matters rather than the actual gift. Now that I'm older and wiser, I'd be just as happy recieving a gift card or maybe some cologne as long as it was given thoughtfully.

Next post: I'll talk about me and my brothers time honored gift-buying tradition.

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