Friday, November 20, 2009

Operation: Christmas Shenanigans

As it has been for the last three years, me and my brother intend to uphold a tradition we are trying to start and keep going- Strange gifts. I feel it's necessary for our family. Gifts are usually very expected, or very common...The ceremonial disembowlment of paper-covered boxes rarely ever gets the room to explode in laughter.
Our traditions states- If we cannot think of something special for you, we will get you the strangest gift we can think of, usually a hideous stuffed animal, weirdly colored vase, or a cactus. Yes, we will get you a cactus for christmas if we have to.
Why? Because, while they may certainly enjoy that cookware set Aunt Patty got your mother, she'll be talking about that monkey-patterned fleece robe for months.

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