Thursday, November 5, 2009

Duty Free Mornings

It's amazing what an hour's shift in schedule can do to one's perception of the day. My work schedule has become almost identical to the hectic days of working nights delivering pizzas or tending to the box office at ye olde Harkins.
It's nearly 8:30AM at the moment...I've wearing my favorite robe and froggie PJ bottoms, enjoying my second cup of coffee. Outside, the world has begun it's motions. By 9AM I can be confident that the majority of people have started their day.

I love the feeling of early morning. 8:33AM now. If I was still in High School I'd still be getting over the morning grogginess in first period class.

I've been making it my aim to try and be up at an early hour. Mostly due to my extreme dislike of sleeping in and my recent over sleeping. People would argue that I can afford to sleep in because I don't go into work till 3pm. Well, to be honest, I'm not the kind of person who wants to laze about until the time comes to jump a shower and be ready. I like to prepare for my day. The value I assign to the end of the day is greatly proportional to the number of things I've accomplished and/or done over the course of the day. Even if it's something that's as simple as tuning into a youtube channel I like for a few minutes of funny. coffee's gotten cold.

The early morning comes,
An Autumn chill in the air.
I shall take it slow.

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