Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Piercing Gaze of the Walmart Ogre

Some people just are not meant to have their photo's taken. One example can be clearly seen at my local Walmart. At the customer service desk, there's this sort of photo diarama of Walmart employee's smiling, some sort of emphasis on customer service itself. They're smiling, that's fine. I can dig that, that's part of their job. They smile better than I do.

Except one.

Lady must be in her fifties, late forties...possibly lost her attractiveness in her thirties when she possibly got married or gave up making herself appeasing for mating purposes. Teeth crooked in all directions. Eyes piercing, almost yellow in color. Face rather like a goblin, buldging and pointed in such a fashion. Hair like spindled spider webs. Dressed in her sacred blues and yellows...

The image is enough to send a shiver down my spine. It is the look of a creature that must dwell within caverns deep and terrible.

I avert my eyes and go on my way...I remember I was just passing by to get a birthday card for my aunt.

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