Sunday, January 25, 2009

PCC and back to business as usual

Alright, not so worn out and shot, so I may as well hit up on what went down at the Phoenix Comic Con before it becomes old and stale news.
Getting there, for starters, was a pain. Changed plans, the glorious thing that is Phoenix traffic in the middle of the day, nearly getting side-swiped by some jerk in a semi...good times.

Friday was our Day One, and I was amazed at the number of Anime Cosplayers at a Comic Book Convention. There were a good number of panels that I unfortunately didn't get to attend. Out of the entire two days in attendance, I sat in on two panels (A panel on comic design and the "Your Anime Sucks" panel), and two outdoor events (Stormtrooper Training and Dodgeball~ I...didn't last too terribly long...). Unfortunately, we didn't get to go to the Voice Dubbing contest, because certain members of the group were losing stamina fast by 5pm.

I'll be compiling the interviews this week and we should have the whole enchilada up on the podcast by Wednesday at the latest.

Again, a huge thank you to everyone we talked to, from the Rebel Legion to those dudes at 7,000 BC comics.

And now it's back to business as usual...

~Stay Random.

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