Monday, January 12, 2009

The morning after

Augh, I really need to not drink before I go to bed. Alcohol seems to wind me up better than coffee. Speaking of which...

...There we go.

Was intending to attend the live webcast of the 50th episode of the Order 66 podcast over at, but I got dragged off on a wild goose chase up in Phoenix for near six hours for a costume shop that has a physical address, but apparently does not exist. Urked and tired, we stopped and had dinner at the 5 & Diner on Power Road up there before dragging our behinds back down to Casa Grande for a night of Saints Row 2 and alcohol with my brother, Jo, Jade, and Kitt (a dude, I swear). Top the night off with a serving of my brothers patented Pot Spaghetti, and it was the ending of a great night, but an evening I could have lived without.

So that comic convention is looming overhead, and I honestly have no idea what we're going to be doing there besides showing up and...being who we are (which is essentially a bunch of nerds with more free time than should be allocated to a given individual at any one time trying to puff up all big and bad on the dance floor). If this was an anime convention it'd be different because I know those people more. Comic Conventions are different battlegrounds. There's a more professional air. But reservations, it's never stopped me from making an ass out of myself before.

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