Monday, January 19, 2009

Convention is go

Hey there, guys.
Finally feeling stoked for the convention, since I am now concrete in the fact that I'll actually be able to attend. A set schedule and things moving smoothly makes Scraps a happy boy. It helps when you make your requests for time off sound important--not that what we're doing isn't important, I feel it's vital and part of a bigger picture--Once we...y'know...grasp the big picture and remember the mission.

Aside from all that, I guess it's fair to talk about the Knothole Island content that I was gibbering about for a few weeks now. Yeah...that was kind of a let down. A few meager quests with some incredibly annoying puzzle solving (I HATE Flit-Switches!), a bagful of clothing and weapons, potions to make you thin, fat, small, large and all that...and one of the most annoying NPC's I've ever encountered in a game. Yes, I'm referring to the chieftain. Every time he opened his mouth I wanted to put a bullet in him.

*sigh* ...we gamers are such consumer junkies. They'll dangle that little bit in front of you, and you'll bite the bait. 500 Microsoft points would have been a better price for an entire two hours of content.

Hopefully, the new stuff for Fallout 3 will be more fulfilling...Bethesda has yet to let me down with any of their products.

Well, that's all for now. Keep it random, folks.

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