Monday, March 1, 2010

Raging Nerds, Red Stuff, and Bioshock.

Scraps here--

I think for a while at least, I need to just...stay away from the Bethesda forums. Fallout: New Vegas is coming out this year and already you have the people on the forums speculating and wish-listing, also making outright demands, and Nerd Raging all over the place...
It does not do my blood pressure well.

Aaand, there is a crockpot of red stuff in my fridge...I can see onions in it, and something that looks like basil or oregano. It's leafy...Outside of that, I have no clue what my brother was cooking so late into the night. I'm labeling it the Chili of Destiny. Unless it gives me the runs, then it becomes the Chili of Doom.
Or it might not be a chili at all. There might be chicken in there, floating, absorbing...becoming.
This, however, does not lead me to many conclusion on what I can pillage for breakfast. The red stuff is scary.

Ooh, Bro rented Bioshock 2 for me while I was recording last night. I know what I'M doing toniiight.

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