Monday, March 8, 2010

Nerd Rage comes in all colors.

From: Doctor Scraps--
(As the other two will begin to submit stuff to the blog, we'll be using indicators to show who's posting what, in case Jo's goes on a tirade and I get blamed.)

Sweet Daisy, I have been a lazy little blogger. You would think a happening, creative individual like me would have all sorts of interesting bits to talk about. And yet my muse likes to hide my material when I sit down to write. I should take a cue from Keven Smith and twitter bomb before I sit down to the write to get my writing powers warmed up.

So, have I been talking about running D&D? Well, I have- A three man group in a slow spiral of madness while I try to relearned 3.5 while at the same time running a Star Wars Saga Edition campaign with my usual group. It begins to strain the creative nerves- because sometimes my plots tend to overlap. Eventually I'll just snap and have three adventurers encountering a Rancor and have it try and shove one of them up it's ass.

If you follow my Twitter, I mentioned that I got myself banned from the Bethesda forums over picking fights with the people who are clamboring that Fallout: New Vegas return to Fallout 2's style, a game that came out in late 90's, early 2-thousands. As soon as New Vegas was released, this happened, suddenly Fallout 3 was a diseased whore in the gutter, and a demand for a return to Fallout 2's style emerged. Next thing you'll know they'll be saying Fallout 3 isn't canon like Fallout Tactics was declared. Sigh~~ Nerds.
So for pointing out their stupidity and narrow-mindedness, I was shown the door. Yes, yes, people are entitled to their opinions, and what have you~ But you have to understand, Fallout Nerd Rage is a special flavor of crazy. It made my blood pressure rise a few octaves just reading their diatribes. I'm beginning to think those idiots over at No Mutants Allowed are trying to stir shit up again.
Oh well~ Once again, my words of wisdom are dust to the wind...

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