Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saboten Con 2010

Three times over the course of out two day adventure, we tried to record something to contribute to the Podcast and even had some ideas for some unofficial "panel" thingamadoo's...
We got tired...And did an Irish Goodbye and just up and left before the bad weather really set in Saturday night.
Project 14 was a failure at this Saboten Con, but you know what? I don't care.
For some, Conventions are about self-indorsement...commingling...Showing off...But this time around, for me, it was to relax and unwind, and the resort the con was hosted at had that in spades. The staff were very chill with the whole scene and were very accomodating, unlike some we've had to deal with in the past.

For the con itself, it was good times if not a little bit of a tight fit despite the large venue. Not to mention I was dressed up as the Tom Baker 4th Doctor, I just want to take a minute to tell you that wearing a longcoat, scarf and a fedora in 100+ degree temperature really really sucks. Every so often, I would find myself in moments where the heat wasn't bothering me and I was wondering if I was just adjusting or if this was an early stage of dehydration.

The 4th Doctor outfit went over very well, even to the point where a Master Chief walked up to me, handed me his plasma rifle, put his arm around me and posed for a photo op- I didn't request a photo, so I'm wondering if he was just doing that, or if he wanted a photo with Doctor Who.
Also, Jelly Babies were had by all.
Jelly Babies were very instrumental in the 4th Doctors run.

Jo and Jade did a joint cosplay as Mocha from Rosario+Vampire, a series I am only vaguely familiar with, but am making a conscious effort to get to know, since I've been without an anime to obsess over since K-On! ended it's second season.

The Dealers room was more geared towards independant artists and booths than I've seen yet at a Con. In fact I think only one booth was associated with a major manga distributor. I liked the smaller time feel, artists and the like selling their wares.

I had to duck out of the rave for obvious reasons...That damn overcoat.

Also, a note on that overcoat, I bought it as a Savers here in Casa Grande. I should have checked the pockets...because when I was digging around for my camera, I found it covered in a mysterious brown substance.
"Chocolate or poop, Scraps?" Jo chimed in.
A sniff revealed chocolate.
An investigation turned up the scrunched and melted remains of an ancient Hersheys Kiss.
I'm glad it wasn't poop. Some may feel that simply goes without saying, but I feel I must be clear.

The panels attended were few. We do not do a lot of the more professionally geared panels, aimed at the aspiring, as Jo and Jade are not as fond of more dry affairs as I am. Friday night, however, because I wanted to, I attended the "let's play an Ero" panel at midnight.
What it was, essentially, was an LP of a Japanese Ero game, in which the audience decided to decisions made. There were very few instances of this. In fact, most of the panel was a group of men (go figure) making fun of the writing you find in your average Ero game. And the writing was paritcularly bad. I began to think about how much people who write those things make.

On Saturday, jointly, we attended the Whose Line is it Anime, however we were unable to perform because the lampoons who were running it never looked in our direction when calling for hands. Funny show regardless. Even more so the How to Gamerscore panel, which devolved from dating tips for Gamers to dialogues about pwning noobs and screwing around with friends. Good fun.

Well, let's wrap up this 48 hour flashback...A fine con, perhaps the finest I'd been to in a long while. Now then...Where'd I leave that scarf...?

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