Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting on up there.

Ever have a moment where you suddenly realize that with age, that there's things that you'd rather do than watch anime or play video games? It usually happens as you approach the age of 30, as I am only a few short years shy of. The maturity comes in like a ghost and sometimes you don't even realize that you'd rather get laundry done or do the dishes when you get home from work rather than good off.

Granted, I am not one who believes in abandoning your pastimes just because you might be too old. Some would tease you that nerds don't get to enjoy the finer points of adulthood, I would say we tend to avoid the more mundane and self destructive points of adulthood.
Insert comment about getting laid here.

But I do worry about my age sometimes, that I'm not where I should be. I reflect and recall that Eddie Murphey was only around 21 when he got his start. That I could have worked a little harder in highschool or even dedicated a little time to where I was going with my life.

But what's the use worrying and regretting when there's no way of reversing it? You know? I prefer to live my life Bohemian. I live it the way I live it, and I enjoy being the weird little nutjob I am. If it's a lifestyle you can be happy with, don't change for anything, baby.

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