Monday, October 4, 2010


There is something undisputably therapeutic about harassing Catgirls, and that seems to be exactly the idea when it comes to the Amamiya Momo app for the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad, etc.

The execution is simple. You are presented with a chibi Cat Girl named Momo. Touch her, shake her, try and flip up her skirt (a touch screen action I've only able to pull off twice, and both times it crashed the app)...But regardless of what you do, and the app's website says this perfectly, "Basically, she doesn't like to be touched."
And this is true. She really doesn't. Anything you do to interact with her will illicit a variety of swearing, threats, and general nastiness. It's like the Anti-Dating Sim.

One of her lines even has her threatening sexual harassment.
And yet for a $0.99 App, there's something endearing about giving her hell.

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