Friday, April 2, 2010

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So. Dragon Age: Awakening. Finally knocked that off recently. I think I can honestly say I am done with Dragon Age for the time being. I'm just going to put that on the shelf and let it stand as one of many victories and triumphs in gaming that I have completed.
Awakening has a lot of interesting ideas, but the bulk of the expansion consists of request boards and fetch quests over actual quests.
The story involves this character called The Architect, and a character called The Mother, whom are two Intelligent Darkspawn warring against each other. I won't spoil it for you, because, it is indeed an awesome, eye-opening revelation if you've been paying attention to the player codex of Origins.
The problem being, it feels like it ends just as it's getting good. Things are finally falling into place, and everything is going good, and then you get pigeonholed into the final scenario.

I may delete Awakening from my hard drive just to open up space, and later on, if I ever feel the need to play it again, just buy the disc version.

I think Awakening would have faired better as a book, as it draws heavily from the Dragon Age novel, The Calling. Since I did not read the book, nor was I even aware there was a book, I sort of felt like I was getting only half the experience.

Since I got Dragon Age done with, and am kinda bored with my current 360 library, I've been digging myself hip deep into Persona 3 FES, starting to get to work on the mountain of old PS2 titles I have and have yet to even start. I will probably focus on them for a time, until something comes along for 360 that catches my time and attention.

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