Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sarah Palin-signed XBOX going for a million

We have the Cheap Ass Gamer podcast to thank for bringing this to my attention--
Apparently, someone managed to get Sarah Palin to sign an XBOX 360. That's all good and well, however his next action was to put it on Ebay for 1.1 million dollars at starting bid. After hearing this, I did a little recon myself, and yes, with 4 days still to go, there is in fact a Sarah Palin Autographed 360 going for 1.1 million dollars. And as one might expect, there have been no takers.

I'm not entirely to sure what this guy was expecting to happen in a nation that's still in the swing of a recession-- some rich celebrity, politician, or CEO to throw down the money on this because it has Sarah Palins name on it? Regular photo's of the woman go on ebay for less than $300.

My theory~ he wanted to show off his new treasure in a way that guarantee's at least a couple thousand people will see it. Ebay gets a lot of traffic and does indeed have a decent flow of people searching for political relics, icons, and photographs. The 1.1 mil price tag is an assurance that no one in their right mind will buy it, and I'm sure there are people, political buffs and the like, out there who see this and are slavering with jealousy that this schmuck got Sarah Palin to sign a damn XBOX360 console.
Now if I'm write in my theory, imagine if someone actually bought it. I imagine the guy would be a little pissed his "hey look what I have" ploy failed, but how pissed can you be if you just netted an easy 1.1 million? You could buy a replacement 360 and the entire 360 library if you wanted and still have enough to live quite comfortably for a few years.

Of course, then again this guy is probably under the impression that her name on a mundane device actually warrants that kind of price. Which is really rather delusional and sad if you think about it. Well, all the same, best of luck to him on that.

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