Monday, October 12, 2009

Fable 3- My 3 Recommendations

Fable 3 is already in the oven over at Lionshead and no doubt Peter and his gang are hard at work infusing Monty Python with dark and grim Sword and Sorcery yet again. However, since we can now expect Fable 2 to not be recieving anymore downloadable content packages, I have prepared three very important points I hope the boys at Lionshead have already considered naturally...

-Make Health Matter
I wasn't personally frilled with the no-risk method Fable 2 did health, "Lose all your health, and all you lose is the ungathered experience and you might get a scar". When you remove the risk of death and game over, you're also removing a significant portion of the RPG Challenge. Not to mention it nearly removed any need to carry health potions or other restorative items.

-With the crown comes some responsibility
In the revised version of the first Fable game, you could become the Mayor of Bowerstone. In Fable 2, you can earn the title of King or Mayor by accomplishing certain requirements, mostly through the acquisition of real estate, and could even get your hands on a crown and scepter in one of the DLC's. The problem? The term "In Name Only" comes to mind. When the main storyline was done and over with, you didn't have much to do but do random jobs completely below the station of a ruler ("Oy, King, pour me another beer for table 3!"), and purchase real estate. What's the point of being a King if you can't enforce your will upon your kingdom in some fashion? I, for one, am waiting to see just what they do with Fable 3 in regards to maintaining the well being of one's kingdom.

-Have a proper ending!
The ending of the first Fable game was a fair turn of events, and a decent end to an otherwise bittersweet tale. The Lost Chapters edition's ending left me with chills at the concept of the ultimate choice of either destroying or becoming the ultimate evil entity. However, I cannot be the only who sat on their couch at the end of Fable 2 and uttered a disparaging "What, that's it?". It felt like a huge tease! The words "To Be Continued" should have scrolled across the screen before the credits rolled. What's more, we were probably all convinced this meant that they'd be releasing a DLC expansion to even out the story...what do we get? Knothole Island and another DLC where we get teased even more with a preview of Fable 3~ And settles nothing.

With these three points, Fable 2 would have been the perfect RPG in my eyes. While I have all the faith that Peter Molyneux and company will deliver a product that will both fascinate me and tickle my role-playing bone to vast extremes, I'm hoping...just a little...that things are learned, and improvements are made for the better of the series.

--Doctor Scraps out.

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