Thursday, May 14, 2009

Manga Spec

When I find a series of Anime or Manga (or combination of both) that I like, I tend to latch onto it like a sucker-fish and enter a period of geekdom. The thing being is, I usually find myself veering away from the mainstream and to lesser known titles, though on occassion one of the Cartoon Network populars catches my interest. Code Geass for example. I hate political mech-anime, it puts me to sleep, but~ The story has it's hooks, and last saturdays episode on Adult Swim definately made me interested in this weeks episode.
~Still not a big fan of Full Metal Alchemist~ I have a problem with series's that go from being humorous to deathly serious at the drop of a pin. I prefer a consistent tone.

So, recently the series I've latched onto is K-ON, the tale of a High Schools Light Music Club (rock band club?), consisting of girls ranging from the spirited but lazy Yui, the overly serious but easily embarassed Mio (the Doujin Bait), the sweet and caring but kinda creepy Mugi-San, and the energetic but forgetful president of the club, Rit-chan~ Along with their teacher advisor Sawa-Chan, who constantly tries to get them to wear cosplay during their shows. It's funny, I likes it. I falls into the relevency of my interests~

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