Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Convention Report

Anizona 4 was definately a smaller scale event than Anizona 3 was. The vendor room was the smallest I'd ever seen at a con ever. There were no special quests save for two guys from the voice acting industry and a band called Toy Box.
It was pure chaos, however I say that in a good way. 1000 con attendees at a sold out convention raising hell in an Embassy Suites in Phoenix. I kinda felt bad for all the normal people staying at the hotel. Because Otaku don't know how to shut the fuck up, or talk at a reasonable pitch. Organization 13, or whatever it is the hell they're called in Kingdom Hearts, were in legion. Like a little gang of hoodlums.

Also I got to attend a voice-over panel, which I missed at PAF. I got to voice Taiga Aisaka from Tora Dora (...a girl, mind you...The choices were the guy, Ryuji, his retarded parrot Inko-Chan, and Taiga. I drew the short straw and got Taiga.), in which I only had two lines gratefully~ A disgusted exclamation, and a frantic "What IS that disgusting thing??". Actually came out pretty sweet when they played it back in it's completion. Also, it's of note that since that panel, I went and found Tora Dora on and have been reading the fuck out of it. I likes me my romantic comedies. I recommend going and reading it.

Also got to throw down at the Gong Show talent contest with an Ichigo, Kenpachi, Hinata and Jurai in a little skit, and also killed with my 'Mario Brothers was about Drugs' routine. My hope is for next con, I can reserve some space and time to do a full Otaku Stand-Up routine. Sadly, I wasn't able to stick around long enough to go to Round 3 of the Gong Show to see if we won anything. I hope you guys made out like thieves, dudes!

My experiment in Hypnotism failed subject, a lovely gall dressed as Gunner Yuna, was way to hyper, and the location was not quiet enough~So we agreed we'd meet next time when I had more information and practice under my belt.

Also, I can't help but feel I kept looking at my gloves.
~Then again, they are very awesome gloves~

I tried to attend as many panels as possible, and of what ones I did go to, I had a lot of fun with them. The Adult Fanfiction Panel was a bit of a flake, but we all had a laugh at that one. The Secret Life of Cosplayers was the best hour, I felt. You can't top that one.

The raves, however...'ve decided I need to stop rave dancing...My build and fashion sense do not bode well for the others in attendance.

Despite everything going on, with talk of a hiatus for the Anizona series, I felt this convention was epic on a scale I now place higher than any I've attended. I met a lot of awesome people, saw a lot of awesome stuff, and did a lot of awesome things. And that's what counts. The Inu Yasha (I can't remember your name bro...) who ran the Secret Life panel said it best~ We Otaku really are just one big happy family. Bring us together, no matter what walk of life, and we'll bond like noodles and sauce.

~Keep it Random.

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