Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Worlds 2- The Pre-Play Post

My copy of Two Worlds 2 is sitting on my kitchen counter right this very minute, mere minutes after purchasing it, and I'm not sure if this feeling in my gut is deep seeded dread or deep rooted giddiness about the experience I'm about to have.
The first Two Worlds, to me, is best compared to a bad relationship that ended on friendly terms. We both gave it a shot, we both promised to get better, and we made good ground, but ultimately we both decided to see other people. When I say that, I mean, trade the game in for a fraction of what I paid for it towards another game.
So when Two World 2 came out I was actually anticipating this game to get roaringly terrible reviews, but instead, I'm seeing reviews that seem to beg gamers to be merciful, a concept most Gamers with an internet connection have no concept of.

So I am being asked by some reviewers that I respect to be merciful, while standing at the door of a gaming experience I am not expecting to walk away from unscathed. In fact, I do believe I am excited, but I am making the decision here and now as I type this, that I am not going to take it's potentially dark narrative seriously. I am going to go into like you see most LP artists do-- like a complete jerk. Let's see if this game is man enough to handle a main character who just don't give a damn.

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