Saturday, February 26, 2011

+5 against Justin Beiber

I always feel bad when I play video games and there is the one thing I don't use. During the two playthroughs of Dragon Age: Origins, I may have used the Trap making system once, but I don't recall ever actually using the said trap that I had just constructed. It may have been a fire trap, one of the most basic of medieval fantasy security systems (What better way to keep thieves out of your goods than to set everything on fire? You only live in a wooden building). I also didn't feel much need to brew my own potions considering by midgame, I was literally swimming in health potions dropped by my fallen foes.
The game had presented me with options to use, but my simple brain saw no point.

Across the board though, I have always rolled my eyes at items that temporarily boost a stat or defense. I mean, what are the chances that you'll drink one of these and then getting hit by the choice element? Granted- in most games I've played, enemy magic users never use spells that can actually hurt you. They tend to stick to one or two spells, none of which are necessarily painful while you close the gap and slice them up, or nuke them with a more powerful spell.

I want to know where the special defense potions are for cheap boss attacks? I'm not really interested in a potion that grants me a +5 to my Lightening Resistance. I'm more interested in the one that offers at least a +1 to my resistance against Demonic Cheap Bullshit Attack. I've taken issue with those a LOT more.

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