Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monthly Recomendations for September

75% done with September and nothing really of note has occurred to me other than getting into the habit of turning on the morning news when I get up. Even if it's just for background noise. At the moment the wind is blowing rather aggressively out on the balcony.

The collection of "Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunally" has been completed over on Amazing that the Alternate Re-Telling of the series is completed than the actual Code Geass manga. I've only read the first chapter so I can't say I know too much about it besides it being a girl-power "The crippled girl gets to kick butt" sort of work.
Speaking of Manga, this month on Onemanga, I'm recommending "Lucu Lucu", the story of a young boy who winds up living with the Princess of Hell and her scarecrow companion in their bid of "Spreading good deeds to prevent Hell from overflowing". Heavily slap-stick oriented. Though, as an Episcopal Faithful (think of that as a subsidiary of the Catholic Church), I can't help but feel a little offput on how the Catholic icons are often represented in manga as short tempered, narrow-minded, and overall just unlikeable. Though on occasion you do see the occasional manga about a boy stuck living with a big-knockered Angel, but that kind of story is a dime-a-dozen.

On Anime Recomendations, following on the Fractured Transmissions tradition of being late to the party, Gaia Online has a unique theater section, as well as a good deal of Anime from Funimation. Recently I've been picking at the CLAMP series XxXHolic, the story of a cynical young man, Watanuki, who has the ability to see spirits who winds up working for the rather lazy yet MILFy Seer Yuuko and her two creepy loli-lesbianish assistants. The Seer also lives with a Mokuna- a character from CLAMPS previous series "Magic Knights Rayearth". They even joke about that.
"One Mokuna, two Mokuna. There's only two."

Video Game recomendations- If you have XBOXlive, I heavily suggest you invest the 80 Microsoft points into Indie Games Section's "I made a game with Zombies". It is essentially Geometry Wars, but way more fun when you're drunk.

Food recomendations: If you don't have a Geno's Pizza in your area...well, heh, sucks to be you.

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