Monday, December 29, 2008

Burning Digital Purgatory

I made the mistake of exploring the cheats in Saints Row 2 pretty early in the game. Denied all acheivements, I figured- Screw it, let's take this baby to the moon. Go all cheats, show these muthas who runs Stilwater. And last night I was on a spree with the Sons of Somedi missions, and I get to Crowd Control, and somehow, when I get set on fire, I remain on fire, and suddenly the game glitches in a way that the missions fails to continue. It was surreal, like I was trapped in some sort of video game purgatory, forever set ablaze with my homies standing nearby not aknowledging my plight. Contemplated giving them a friendly hug in my flamed state, but called it a day instead and watched naked people dance around on Travel Channel.

Remember kids: Civilized people + Nudity= Pornography. Aboriginal People + Nudity = Eh, it's cool. You know you're getting desperate when you see a cute South American Tribal girl walking around and you comment "Yeah, I'd hit that."

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