Monday, January 31, 2011

Was I going somewhere with this?

I've never been overly fascinated with Zombies, unlike certain people I know that actually have a contingency plan if and when the Zombie Apocalypse should occur. I find the whole concept silly and illogical, and silly and illogical is my bread and butter, I just never got on the whole World War Z thing.
To me, Zombies have always been one of the lowest threats possible should things go bad. Zombies are usually one of the first enemies you encounter in an RPG, and are easily dispatched due to low intelligence and predictable nature.

In other news, had to do a little cleanup of my Twitter account since either Twitter was using it itself for advertising purposes or someone got ahold of my password, so had to go in there and do som'bout'it.

Just realized I've been going on and on about essentially nothing at all.
Par for the course.

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